Legal Service for Veterinary Pharmacy

(Revised in 2005)

Application Procedures (Agency service is available.)

  1. Licensing manufacturing veterinary drugs/non-prescription drugs

  2. Licensing for manufacturing veterinary medical devices (Newly added)

  3. Licensingsales of veterinary drugs

  4. Licensing sales/rental of high-tech medical device

  5. Registration for veterinary medical device sales

  6. Approval for foreign manufacturer

  7. Veterinary prescription drugs/non-prescription drugs/medical devices

  8. Veterinary prescription drugs/non-prescription drugs/medical devices/veterinary regenerative medicine

  9. Licensing manufacturing/manufacturing and selling/selling veterinary regenerative medicine

Manual Documentation (Simplified procedure service is available.)

  1. Documentation for GVP

  2. Documentation for GQP (veterinary prescription drugs/non-prescription)

  3. QMS regulations

  4. Documentation for procedures and quality management in accordance with ISO13485:2003

  5. Documentation for procedures or records of selling/lending high-controlled veterinary medical devices

  6. Documentation for veterinary medical device repair

Lectures (Following topics are available.)

  1. Enforcement of pharmaceutical affairs law regarding medical devices in 2014

  2. Certification for ISO13485:2003

  3. Quality management system

  4. Licensing/Approval

  5. [Application of risk management to medical devices]

  6. Personal information protection in pharmaceutical law (Enforcement of pharmaceutical affairs law regarding medical devices, which has taken effect since 25th Dec, 2014)

  7. Packaging/labeling/storage

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