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We are specialized in MFDS having lots of experiences in legal administration for drug.
Takeshi Yoshida, representative of our office, set up the Takeshi Takeshi Yoshida office while in his college, passing the administrative scrivener exam. Also, he achieved a pharmacy license upon college graduation, and now has a official license for agency business and consultations for MHKW approval and licensing. With his career experiences and professional skills, we are expertized in supplements and veterinary products as well as drugs. We have lots of references in Japan as professional pharmaceutical scrivener, and also try to expand our business areas to include lectures and writing activities, etc.
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It takes 2 minutes from the east entrance of JR Yamanote line,
and 5 minutes from Tokyo Metro Namboku line in Komagoma station on foot.

Business Cooperation
Who is Yoshida Takeshi?
Name Yoshida Takeshi
Date of Birth Dec 17, 1981
Birth Place Fukushima
Affiliation Toshima Gyosei Shoshi Lawyers' Association in Tokyo

Administrative scrivener, Pharmacist, Aromatherapy Adviser approved by AEAJ

(National Safety Commission in Tokyo: Approval No.: 30070611, Approval Date: Nov 27, 2007)

Membership Pharmaceutical Society of Japan, Japan Society for Environmental Chemistry, Research Institute of pharmaceutical Science, Public Law Practice Association, Aroma Environment Association of Japan, Japanese Society of Pharmaceutical Health Care and Sciences, Japan Association for Pharmaceutical Affairs Law Foundation
Lecture Experience Johokiko, Co.,LTD., Technical Information Institute Co.,Ltd, TH Plan
Mar, 2000Asaka High school in Fukushima graduated
Apr, 2000Tokyo University of Science entered
Jan, 2003National administrative scrivener exam passed
May, 2003 Registered membership of administrative scrivener,
Takeshi Yoshida office Opened
Mar, 2004College graduated
Apr, 2004National pharmacy technical exam passed Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences entered
Sep, 2004 Aromatherapy Adviser of AJAK passed
Mar, 2003Master course completed in Tokyo University of Science Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Apr, 2007PhD course in Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy entered
Apr, 2008 PhD course in Keio University Faculty of Pharmacy (in school)
Mar,2018 Bachelor of Arts (Psychology and Education), Faculty of Liberal Arts, The Open University of Japan
Mar,2018 Certified by Japan Cosmetics Certification Association Cosmetic Concierge
Sep,2018 Granted the title of Consumer Affairs Consultant, Japan Consumer Association
Oct,2018 Certified Psychologist Certified by the Japanese Psychological Association
May,2019 Work environment measurer type 2 registration
July,2019 Sanitary Engineering Sanitary Manager Registration
Aug,2019 Work environment measurer type 1 registration (No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4, No. 5)
Dec,2020 Tony Buzan Licensed Instructor in Mind Mapping Certification
Hobby Trip, Reading books, performance appreciation