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Welcome to Takeshi Yoshida office of administrative scrivener for pharmaceutical law!

Professional legal and pharmaceutical knowledgeis required for approving and licensing drug
under legal regulation, Quasi-drug, medical devices, and sales/manufactures/imports of cosmetics

Since 25th Dec, 2014, revisedpharmaceutical law, which includes new concepts of quality, validity, and safety of drug and medical devices has been enforced, and some revisions such as change of law name, new regulations on regenerative medicine has been made accordingly. (Click here to go to the related page.)

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Discuss with us to make an accurate decision for pharmaceutical processes.
  • Want to
    foreign cosmetics
    in Japan?
  • Wonder why your drug is regulated in Japan?
  • Is this prescription or non-prescription drug?
  • What’s the difference between supplement and drug?
Specialized in MHLW
We offers consultation services for companies, which want to expand their business into Japan.
You should have more professional consultation for medical devices, drugs, cosmetics, which are regulated more strictly than other industrial products are.

About Takeshi Yoshida

Takeshi Yoshida
Our office offers specialized legal consulting services for pharmaceutical licensing and approval.
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